Payment of parking

плаћањеPayment of parking in the zones is very simple. The system is fully automated and organized in a way that a driver can make a payment in a very short period without any contact with the parking attendatns. Payment can be made through four different mehtods – parking tickets, ‘parkomats’, SMS messages and electornic tickets (from parking attendants).


In the red zone which covers ‘the highest demand’ spots in the very centre of the city, the charge for one parking hour is 56,00 dinars. In the yellow zone (parking is limited to 120 minutes) an hour costs 48,00 din and in the green one (parking is limited to 180 minutes) drivers will be paying 41,00 din an hour. The abovementioned tariffs are applicable when buying the ticket by SMS, at parking ticket machines or at kiosks. The ticket bought from the parking attendant costs 60,00 dinars in the red zone, 55,00 din in the yellow and 45,00 in the green one.

Parking tickets

Paying with a parking ticket is very simple. The tickets for all the zones can be bought at the kiosks.


When you park your car, write down the time of parking on the ticket and display the ticket on the inside of the windshield of your car where it can easily be seen.


For the yellow zone it is possible to buy the ticket for one or two hours. For the green zone there are tickets for one, two or three parking hours.

SMS messages paying

A driver can pay for the parking using a mobile phone, regardless of the network.

Зоне бројевиIn the text of your message type in your car plate number, without spacing and send an SMS with the number of the zone you are in.  To pay for a parking in the red zone the message has to be send to 9111, in the yellow zone to 9112 and in green to 9113. A few moments afterwards, you will receive an SMS which confirms you have made the payment.

You’ll get the notice of parking time expiry as well.

If you are in a yellow or green zone you can extend your time using the mobile phone.

At this method of payment a parking attendant will check if the payment has been made by typing the car plate number of the parked car in his computer.


In the zones you can pay on the spot with the help of the machines set up near a car park.
This ‘Parkomat’ is programmed to issue a ticket, which you will display on the visible place on the inside of your car windshield.


elektronska parking karta


Electronic ticket

You can pay for the parking in the zones by buying an electronic ticket for the desired zone and a period of time from the parking attendant. The electronic ticket prices are for the red zone 60 dinars, yellow 55 din., and green 45 din. per hour. Dnevna karta

 Daily ticket

Payment can be made through four different mehtods. If the user does not pay in any of those ways or exceeds the allowed parking time, the controllers JKP "Parking servis" shall issue an order to pay a daily ticket for this vehicle and leave it in a prominent place. The user is bound to pay the costs within 8 days of issuance. Daily ticket price  is 1870.00 din.