New electronic Parking control and payment system


‘PUC ‘Parking Servis’ is launching a new electronic parking control and payment system – eParking, on Monday, August 3rd.

From now on, the parking attendant will stop attaching the parking ticket to a car's windscreen, regarding unpaid parking or over the time-limit parking, instead, they will issue an electronic daily parking ticket (eDPT).

New methods on parking control and payment are introduced according to the Decision on Public Car Parks. The aim of transition from mechanical systems to electronic systems is to modernize and improve work of ‘Parking Servis’, since the City Administration and other utility companies are turning to digital technologies within the eGoverment in order to promote Belgrade as ’smart city’, in addition to the ecological concepts.

Drivers will be able to immediately find out about the issued eDPT on the Company’s website, where they can directly settle their parking obligations via online payment. As before, if the debt is settled within 8 days, the drivers are entitled to a discount of 50%. Notice on issued parking ticket will be sent to the vehicle owners to their home address, including discount as well, but ‘Parking Servis’ appeals to citizens to use the form of contactless payments.

As before, the drivers will be able to make a parking payment via SMS, or purchasing an e-ticket at a Kiosk, or via new ‘Parking Servis’ App, that is available for download.