Parking payment by the commenced hour

PAYMENT VIA PARKING APP – In zoned areas, the Application uses the GPS information on your location and suggests you zone in which vehicle is parked and also, suggests the various kinds of payment methods – via SMS, payment card, or through in-App Deposit.


PAYMENT VIA SMS – Text message is sent to one of the following short numbers:

9114 – for 30 minutes of parking in zone A

9111 – for an hour of parking in zone 1 – red zone

9112 – for an hour of parking in zone 2 - yellow zone

9113 – for an hour of parking in zone 3 – green zone

9119 – for an hour of parking in zone with no time limits – blue zone

9118 – for a daily parking in some parking lots, according to vertical traffic signs – blue zone


Method of payment

Text should contain only licence plate no. (no space between the numbers or letters). Users whose mobile phone does not obtain the letters with dialectic signs should set the UTF8 or UNICODE, depending on phone platform, if their registration plates require this.

It is possible to send two or three text messages at once, if it is within the time limits of the particular zone. When texting to prolong parking ticket, any sender can, instead of the typing the whole registration plate, simply reply to the previously received SMS with the asterisk (*).

Extended parking time can be paid within 5 minutes before the time limit of the zone expires, after receiving information about the expiration of the maximum allowed parking time.


PAYMENT BY e-PARKING TICKET – buying hourly e-Parking ticket at shopping facilities networks and at parking controller.

e-Daily parking ticket (eDPT) is issued to users who haven’t paid for the parking service in advance (parking ticket not paid) and also to users who have expired limited (extended) parking time.

The order for vehicle clamping is issued if the e-Daily parking ticket is issued for a vehicle with foreign license plates and it is determined that there are due receivables for at least two e-Daily tickets for the same vehicle.