International Terminal

International Terminal, which obtains the Customs Branch Office Terminal Belgrade (no. 11568), is located in Block 43, at the Corridor 10 highway – the most important traffic artery in the region, i.e. at the intersection of roads which lead to Zagreb, Budapest, Skopje, Athens, Sophia and Istanbul.

It was built in 1984. The International Terminal sets the highest standards of business, and provides all necessary services in one place.

Terminal provides following services:

  • Freight vehicle parking while in customs procedure
  • Vehicle parking at the car park “Blok 43”
  • Public customs warehouse – A type
  • Public commercial warehouses
  • Office space lease
  • Customs clearance of goods and consulting services, etc.

In addition to the mentioned services of customs fright and car parking, PUC “Parking servis” provides services of towing away of cars and trucks up till 3 t and over 3 t of weight.

Free Wi-Fi services are provided at International Terminal. The users can get the password from a parking attendant.

Frequently asked questions you may find here. 

Међународни терминал

The International Terminal Department

Novi Beograd, Blok 43, 12 Prekonoška Street

Phone no: +381112195020, +381112197022

Phone/Fax no: +381112195020


Customs Warehouse

Customs Post 11568 Belgrade is situated at the international terminal of the PUC “Parking Servis” in Block 43, since the 1984. providing the clearance of goods at the wheels .

We provide services:

  • staying of vehicles with the goods for customs clearance,
  • goods manipulation (loading, unloading and transfer),
  • goods storage,
  • business premises lease.

Customs warehouse services are provided on 3080 m², with the “Parking servis” as the type A of tenant, as well as an open customs warehouse with an area of 265 m². This classification means that, we as holders of the customs warehouses, take responsibility and ensure that the goods are under constant supervision while the goods are in customs procedure.

Besides the goods storage, we also provide the service of loading the vehicles.

Working hours: Weekdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 20:00h.

Compensation for services depends on the weight of goods handled and the length of stay in the warehouse. 

Customs Parking for Freight Vehicles

Parking for fright vehicles in customs procedure is one of the services provided at the International terminal of the PUC “Parking Servis” in Blok 43, Novi Beograd. There are 246 parking spaces for trucks (59 for the vehicles up to 10 m of length and 187 for the vehicles which length exceeds 10 m). Within the price for the customer is granted: weighting in, help in customs and administrative procedures, public toilette usage.


  • Parking fee for the vehicles in the customs procedure for the first 12 commenced hours - 1900.00
  • Parking fee for the vehicles in the customs procedure for the next 12 commenced hours - 700.00

Working hours: 00.00-24.00, 365 days a year. 

Parking for passenger vehicles

This car park, at Novi Beograd Blok 43, has the capacity of 179 parking spaces for passengers vehicles, including a two parking spaces for vehicles of the persons with disabilities, and three parking places are reserved for unloading.

Price list

Parking fee is paid on daily or monthly bases at the end of the month, within the customers’ monthly rent for the business offices.

This facility enable you to use Parking Pass and Prepaid parking card.

Business Lease

The International Terminal is in a disposal of 3.198,22 m² office space in several business buildings.

Office space is designed for freight forwarding and transportation services. Currently, 126 freight forwarding companies use office space at the International Terminal.

PUC “Parking Servis” at the International Terminal possess business – facilities which are used by Customs Administration, customs office 11568 – Customs house Belgrade for customs operation, and business facilities which are occupied by “The Post of Serbia”.

Pedestrian zones


The border of the Pedestrian Zone in the city centre is protected by automatic rising bollards, which provide limited vehicle access to this part of the city.




Towing Vehicle

PUC „Parking servis“ takes part in maintaining the communal law and order in Belgrade. It removes illegally parked vehicles, by the order of Traffic Police, Communal Police or Municipal inspectors.

Its department for vehicle transportation removes accident damaged vehicles and uses specially designed cranes to lift and freight bulky loads, buses and trucks.

Vehicles from accidents are transported to following locations:

  • Staro sajmište
  • Ada Ciganlija
  • Dunavska bb
  • Mileve Marić Ajnštajn
  • Brodarska bb

Information on the vehicles towed to garage Mileve Marić Ajnštajn are available on phone number 011/26-25-662.

Information on the vehicles removed on the vehicle pound in Brodarska are available on phone number 011/301-70-70.

For all other information on the vehicles removed following the order of Traffic Police, Communal Police or Municipal inspectors you can call our Customer Service at 011/3035-400.

Frequently asked questions about Towing vehicle service you may find here.


Vehicles illegally parked on public parks and green areas are removed by „Green Tow Truck“. Three trucks painted in green, symbolically for this purpose, remove vehicles left on promenades, boardwalks and walkways, or endangering safety in public parks or the children’s playgrounds, near schools or kindergartens.

Municipal Inspectors issue the order to the owner of the illegally parked vehicle to remove it within the three minutes deadline. If the driver fails to move the vehicle and it remains on the green area, inspector issues the warrant for the removal of the illegally parked vehicle, after which the “Green Tow Truck“ hauls the vehicle to the nearest pound. Upon settling the charges (defined by the current price list, according to the vehicle category) the vehicle can be taken.

Illegally parked vehicles can be reported on following telephone numbers:

- PUC “Parking Servis“ Customer service: 011/ 30-35-400

- “Beokom Servis“: 0800/ 110-011

Vehicle Clamping

JKP “Parking Servis” Beograd is on the basis of the Decision of public car parks authorized to clamp a parked vehicle in accordance with the Law in order to collect outstanding debts.

The vehicle is clamped and cannot be moved from the public car park and the warning sticker with the information about the conditions of de-clamping is put on the visible place.