Parking application

Download the App via Google play/App Store and let it guide you to the closest available free parking spaces. Make the parking payments via SMS, payment card, or in-App Deposit

The App ‘Parking Servis’ enables User to pay for parking services in Belgrade, in a fast, simple and secure way. Effortless parking via App, by mobile phone provides payment for garages, car parks, zoned areas, issued daily parking ticket or monthly subscription as well as navigation to available free parking spaces.

Garages and car parks

In garages and car parks, the App provides parking payment without visiting a cashier desk.

In the App, it is necessary to enter a parking ticket number or take a picture of it, than make a payment in either of these two ways – via payment card or even easier via in-App Deposit.

By payment of 200, 500, 1.000, 2.000 or 5.000 dinars, funds are automatically deposited to the App which enables all parking payments in just a few clicks.

Parking in zoned areas

In zoned areas, the App automatically recognizes the zone in which vehicle is parked and suggests the various kinds of payment methods – via SMS, payment card, or through in-App Deposit.

Notification of the issued eDPT appears directly in the App, where the payment can be made, without visiting the bank or the Post Office.

Payment for residential monthly subscription can also be made via App.

Tow away service

Mobile App will inform you via notification when your vehicle is towed away by an order of the competent authority.

Available parking spaces

This App shows a real-time view of available parking spaces and provides guidance to the garages and car parks but also to the zoned parking spots where parking sensors are installed.


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