New underground garages

Due to hastened development of the city and increasing number of cars, more than 3,000 parking places are missing in the center of Belgrade, and in the wider area of the city 10,000 places.

Some of metropolises, such as Milan, Barcelona and Zurich, solve the issue by banning the entry of vehicles into the center of the city or by issuing permits to taxi vehicles to enter into the central city zone, which is the case in London and Stockholm.

The issue caused by the insufficient number of parking places in the center of Belgrade has been partially solved by the zone system with limited parking time introduction. This contributed to easier finding of unoccupied parking place has been enabled to the residents and visitors of the central city zone.

In the beginning of 2014, state-of-the-art information technologies for monitoring and billing street parking by SMS messages were presented in “Mashable” Magazine with a comment that Belgrade with its system exceeded even New York.

Due to increasing number of vehicles, the number of which is 650,000 according to the latest information, the city center is getting more and more burdened. As the most efficient solution, whereby the traffic pressure to the city center would be reduced and sidewalks returned to pedestrians – the construction of garages imposes.

The General Urban Plan of Belgrade and the Plan of the Regulation of the Public Garages Network anticipate more than 50 locations for construction of underground garages. Parking Servis went a step ahead and in more details elaborated design of the following garages:

  • Pinki, Zemun – 150 parking places,1 underground storey  (construction in progress)
  • Skerlićeva – 348 parking places, two underground storeys  (technical documentation production and construction in progress)
  • Vlajkovićeva – 284 parking places, underground storeys
  • Fruškogorska – 320 parking places, 2 underground storeys
  • Trg Republike – 300 parking places, 1 underground storey
  • Studentski trg – 756 parking places, three storeys
  • Sonje Marinković, Zemun – 200 parking places, 2 underground storeys