Pupils beg of you to slow down near school

Entertaining and educational program "Pupils beg of you to slow down near school" was presented by "Parking servis" in 2007. The initiative is designed with the goal of educating first-graders through play and fun, how to safely overcome all traffic challenges on the way from home to school.

In the focus of the action are the first-grade pupils from all primary schools in the city of Belgrade.

In a simple, fun and child-friendly way, firsgraders are explained how to cross the street correctly, use traffic lights and interpret traffic signs.

To date, over 2,000 lectures have been held, which have been successfully attended by about 200,000 pupils.

In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge, all participants also received educational publications, as well as fluorescent vests, which help drivers to spot the youngest participants in traffic in a timely manner.

"Parking servis" has adapted its educational program to distance learning, so that the lectures, led by the lecturer of the action, Zebranko Brinić and friends, are now available in digital form, on our video channel.

Baby parking ticket


"Parking servis" also takes care of the youngest citizens through the "Baby parking ticket" program. The goal of the initiative is to make it easier for parents to perform regular activities in the first year of life of their heirs.

Moms and dads can park their vehicles for free near medical institutions, as well as in other locations in zoned parts of Belgrade and in SMS parking lots.


The implemented E-parking system provides acces to electronic baby parking tickets, which parents can get at the Customer Service Desk, with the appropriate ID, driver license and baby’s birth certificate.

‘Parking Servis’ gives away 30 parking tickets, regarding 30 hours of free parking in the zoned area, without the possibility of extended time use. In the zone area ‘A’ the maximum stay limit is half an hour.

The User will be notified of parking time expiration and number of remaining tickets via SMS.

Baby parking place

"Parking service" is also developing its socially responsible role through the "Baby parking place" campaign, raising funds for equipping maternity hospitals in Belgrade.

In front of the medical centers, where new generations of Belgraders are born (GAK "Narodni Front", Institute of Gynecology and Obstetrics KCS, KBC "Zvezdara" and KBC "Zemun"), parking spaces are specially marked, where payment is made in the manner defined by the zonal system. The complete income from these parking spaces is used in coordination with the City Assembly for the purchase of medical equipment.

"Parking servis" invites drivers, if they have the opportunity to choose a location for parking, to use the "baby parking space" and thus help modernize medical institutions.

Pupils parking place

On streets surrounding schools, in areas of Belgrade with zonal parking system, "Parking servis" has marked "Pupils parking places".

Any driver can use those places, but complete income from charging parking is used for the procurement of necessary educational props for primary schools in the city.


In order to promote the action "Pupils parking place", "Parking servis", in cooperation with 32 schools, organized a prize art competition, where younger students were given the task to make drawings on the topic "Children in traffic".

The schools chose the most successful works, which were used for the production of unique traffic signs, which mark the "pupils parking place" in the zoned area.

Disabled parking


In the public garages and parking lots of PUC "Parking servis" there are specially marked parking spaces, of wider dimensions, for vehicles of persons with disabilities. These parking spaces are located near entrances or exits, elevators and toll stations. In general parking lots, in specially marked parking spaces, users with disability stickers can use the parking service free of charge and without restrictions.

Park and recycle

Preservation of the environment, energy efficiency and ecological approach to business are the priorities for "Parking servis".

More than 150 bins for sorting waste, which are periodically sent for recycling, have been set up in the company's management, as well as in garages and parking lots.

As part of the "Plug for Handicap" campaign, plastic bottle caps have been collected at the "Parking Service" since 2017. On average, about 100 kilograms of plastic are collected annually.

"Parking service" invites users of its services to join environmental actions and contribute to preserving the environment and collecting help for those who need it most.

Bicycles parking


Cyclists are an increasing number of participants in traffic, which significantly reduces congestion on the streets and the load of parking capacity in Belgrade.

In order to support the ecological mobility of fellow citizens, the "Parking servis" has installed metal constructions at over 50 locations that are used for safe parking of bicycles.

All locations where cyclists can safely use parking for their two-wheelers.