е-Daily Parking Ticket

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Electronic warrant for payment of an electronic daily parking ticket (eDPT) – Invoice

  1. Parking control system at the general parking lots (zoned and out of zoned areas), as well as at the special-purpose parking lots which are in the general parking lot mode (‘Sava promenada’ and ‘Vidin kapija’) operates according to the Decision of Public Parking Lots (‘Official Announcement of the City of Belgrade’ No. 12/2010, 37/2011, 42/2011, 11/2014, 30/2014, 34/2014, 89/2014, 96/2016, 36/2017, 118/2018, 26/2019, 52/2019, 65/2020, 152/2020, 9/2021, 111/2021 and 76/2022) – Decision.
  2. An electronic warrant for payment of eDPT is issued to users according to Art. 18a par.2. of the Decision, who haven’t paid for the parking service in advance (parking ticket not paid) in the general parking lots of zoned areas and out of zoned areas, as well as at the special-purpose parking lots ‘Sava promenada’ and ‘Vidin kapija’ according to Art. 18a par.3. of the Decision also to users of the general parking lots in zoned areas who have expired limited (extended) parking time.
  3. eDPT is valid from the moment of issuance until the same time on the first following day when parking charges are applied and only in the zone where it was issued. eDPT is paid subsequently upon issued electronic warrant for daily parking service.
  4. Parking user (driver or last identified owner of vehicle if driver is not identified) is obliged to act according to electronic warrant for eDPT payment, and pay it within 8 (eight) days from the date of eDPT expiration, via payment slip at the post/bank, at the Company’s Cashier Office or online. The User is entitled to a 50% discount on the price of eDPT, if it is paid within 8 days from the date of eDPT expiration. If payment of parking User is not made within the prescribed time period, the Company will initiate legal proceedings for the recovery of outstanding debts, while the costs of a procedure for determining and conducting enforcement and default interest shall be addressed to the User, according to law.
  5. The consumer who uses 24 hours parking service is obliged to be informed about the issued eDPT. Notification of the issued eDPT is available on the Company's website, through the customer service offices (by phone, e-mail or directly at the counters), as well as by sending an SMS to users whose limited(extended) parking time has expired or who have tried to pay for hourly parking after eDPT was issued( when there are technical possibilities for it).
  6. If an electronic warrant for eDPT payment is issued to the vehicle that has already at least two (2) issued warrant for unpaid parking debts, if it is not possible to identify the driver or the owner of the vehicle through evidence of competent authority of the Republic of Serbia, and if it is not possible to initiate a legal actions for outstanding debts, the Company is authorised to keep the vehicle by removing it from the general or special parking lot to the area provided for such actions, or installing the device which will prevent a vehicle from being driven, until payment and costs of overdue receivables are done, according to Art. 18g of the Decision.
  7. Consumer may appeal about eDPT by phone, via mail, email or personally at offices of The Company’s customer service.


Company: PUC ’Parking Service’. Belgrade, 27th Kneza Višeslava Str.

Customer service working hours: Monday-Friday from 07.00 AM to 09.00 PM, Saturday from 07.00 AM to 02.00 PM.

Customer service (Cashier Office): 51 Mileševska Str., 31 Takovska Str., 134g Milutina Milankovića Str.

Telephone: +38111 3035 400

Email: info@parking-servis.co.rs

Web: www.parking-servis.co.rs


*Note: The site search displays results for issued electronic daily parking tickets for the last 60 days