New parking control and charging system in garages


The new parking control and charging system in 15 garages and parking lots managed by PUC "Parking Servis" in Belgrade began operating on November 1, 2023.

New access control devices were installed at the entrance and exit ramps, which now also have the possibility of optical reading of parking cards, and the method of controlling subscription and prepaid cards has also been changed. The new system is designed to speed up the flow of vehicles through parking facilities.

"Parking Servis" invites users who have prepaid cards and passes for monthly subscribers to leave their cards at the cash registers of garages or car parks, so that they can be reconfigured. From November 1, only a pre-configured prepaid card can be used.

The new billing and parking control system has been installed at the following facilities:

  • Garage BABA VIŠNjINA – 38-42nd Baba Višnjina Str.
  • Garage MASARIKOVA – 4th Masarikova Str.
  • Garage ZELENI VENAC – 13th Kraljice Natalije Str.
  • Garage PIONIRSKI PARK – 2nd Dragoslava Jovanovića Str.
  • Garage OBILIĆEV VENAC – 14-16th Obilićev venac Str.
  • Garage BOTANIČKA BAŠTA – 10th Vojvode Dobrnjca Str.
  • Parking lot CVETKOVA PIJACA – no number Živka Davidivića Str.
  • Parking lot KAMENIČKA – Kamenička br. 8
  • Parking lot ČUKARICA – no number Šumadija Square
  • Parking lot VIŠKA - 2nd Maksima Gorkog Str.
  • Parking lot POLITIKA - 29th Makedonska Str.
  • Parking lot SLAVIJA - 1st Prote Mateje Str.
  • Parking lot VIDIN KAPIJA -  no number Vojvode Bojovića Blvd.
  • Parking lot MILAN GALE MUŠKATIROVIĆ - 63rd Tadeuša Košćuška Str.
  • Parking lot NOVI BEOGRAD - 167th Mihajla Pupina Blvd. 

In other garages ("Dr Aleksandra Kostića" and "Vukov spomenik") and parking lots ("Belvil", "VMA", "Donji grad", "Kalemegdan", "Kapetanija", "Novi Beograd Railway Station" and "International Terminal") the use of prepaid cards will be possible at the beginning of January 2024.