The construction of an underground garage


JKP "Parking servis" started the construction of an underground garage with 3 underground levels and 356 parking spaces in Skerlićeva street in Vračar. The garage will be located under the plateau in front of the National Library and under Skerlićeva Street, and it is the second garage that will be built with the funds of this Company.

"Parking Servis", in one of the most traffic-congested parts of Belgrade, has started work on the construction of the "Skerlićeva" public garage. The garage will have 3 underground levels, with a total area of 12,353 m2, and 2 entrances and 2 exits in Skerlićeva Street. Out of a total of 356 parking spaces, as many as 19 will be reserved for parking vehicles of persons with disabilities, while chargers for electric vehicles will be installed in 6 parking places.

The "Skerlićeva" garage will be equipped with the most modern equipment and installations for this type of facility. It is planned that the garage will have three safety staircases and two elevators, the dimensions of which will be adapted to the movement of people with disabilities.

It is planned that the "Skerlićeva" garage will have all standard communal and fire protection installations, and thanks to the modern ventilation system, the living environment and nearby cultural monuments will be protected from exhaust gases from the garage.

After the completion of the construction of the garage, the reconstruction of the existing green and pedestrian areas is planned following the environment of the Vračar Plateau.