The green parking zone area extended at the New Belgrade


According to the amendments made to the Decision on General Parking Lots, green zone parking rules will be enforced in Block 12.

There are 235 new parking spaces available with a time limit of 180 minutes, and drivers have the option to pay for an additional hour of parking after the third paid hour has expired.

The cost of an hour of parking in the green zone is 45 dinars, while the cost of an extended parking hour is 140 dinars. You can pay for parking by sending an SMS message to the number 9113, via a smartphone application, or by purchasing an electronic parking ticket at kiosks.

The tenants who have a registered residence in the streets belonging to Block 12, in Mihajla Pupina Blv. numbers from 10a to 10i, and own a car in their name, have the right to a preferential parking ticket (ePPK). They can purchase it at the branches of the "Parking Servis" Customer Service or via the electronic counter. The monthly preferential parking ticket for tenants is 500 dinars, while it is free for people with disabilities.

Starting from February 26, 2024, "Parking Service" will begin controlling parking fees to give drivers ample time to get used to the new system.