The new car park ’Belvil’ is now open


The new car park ’Belvil’ is open with 426 spaces available including 21 disabled parking spaces. The construction process of the car park, which base consists of 12.000 m2, lasted 5 months. This parking area spreads out alongside Marka Hrstića, Jurija Gagarina and Djordja Stanojevića Streets.

The parking is accessible through Marka Hrstića Street, with two routes to the entrance and exit, Djordja Stanojevića Street with one entrance and exit point, while pedestrian access to the parking consists of 5 entrances.

This parking facility is fully automated parking system with a video surveillance and monitoring.

All payments for parking fees must be made via the automatic pay stations located inside the car park, before exiting.

Managing director of ’Parking Servis’, Andrija Čupković, accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesić, visited a newly-opened ’Belvil’ car park, satisfied that this project has been completed before the June 1st deadline.