Zone parking

1. How much time does a driver have to pay for parking a vehicle in a zone area?

Parking payment is required immediately upon parking a vehicle.

2. What is the deadline to move a vehicle after the paid parking time exceeds?

After the maximum allowable zone time limit exceeds the driver must move vehicle from parking place, or pay additional parking time, if applicable, under special conditions. Additional parking time is possible in the Red, Yellow and Green zone.

3. How long can I park in a time–limited parking area? What is an additional time parking period?

Parking zones within city centre of Belgrade are time-limited:

  • Purple zone – 30 minutes
  • Red zone – 1 hour
  • Yellow zone – 2 hours
  • Green zone – 3 hours.

Upon the maximum allowable zone time limit expiry, the driver may extend a parking time for an additional 30 minutes in Red zone and 1 hour in Yellow or Green zone. The price of the additional parking time is determined by the official company’s price list, and it is higher than price for the regular hours within time limits of the zones.

Blue zone is not time-limited.

4. Can a driver park his vehicle in the same zone after the time limit has expired?

In the same zone, a driver can re-park a vehicle 30 minutes after the time limit has expired.

5. Why is it compulsory to provide for inspection an identity card and a traffic license every time you renew a privileged parking permit (PPT)?

Any person with a residence in the designated zone area and who owns a vehicle is entitled to a privileged parking permit (PPT). The only valid document to determine somebody’s residence is an identity card and ownership over a vehicle is a traffic license. By providing them for inspection it is checked if there has been any changes since the last time a person applied for a PPТ. Traffic license is provided for inspection so as to verify ownership of the vehicle as well as the validity of the vehicle’s registration.

6. How are PPT users notified of PPT permit expiry?

When issuing a PPT the user is informed about its duration. Afterwards the customers can get the information of PPT permit expiration from the ‘Parking Servis’ customer service operators on tel. no. 30-35-400 or e-mail info@parking-servis.co.rs. In addition, the vehicle owner could receive an SMS with the renewal notice, under conditions given in Customer service. It is the obligation of the user to take care of the PPT expiry date.

7. What documents do businesses need to obtain and renew a PPT?

Business entities and entrepreneurs need the following documents to obtain the privileged parking ticket:

  • Request for PPT (on the company’s letterhead)
  • Authorization for the person who submits the application on behalf of the company (on the company’s letterhead)
  • Certificate from the Business Register Agency, a photocopy
  • TIN – a photocopy
  • If PPT is for the address that is not written in the APR form, than the following is needed:
    • certified photocopy of business premises sale contract or the ownership certificate (if the business premises are owned) or
    • certified photocopy of business premises lease contract (if the premises are rented) or
    • other documents suitable for gaining of the rights
  • Driving licence for the (passenger) cars which PPT is applied for – original to inspection and a photocopy
  • If the employed person is applying for the PPT it is necessary to provide the employment contract and the proof that the vehicle is registered in his name

If the abovementioned documents undoubtedly exist a business entity (an authorised official) can easily renew the PPT by calling tel. no. 30-35-400 and ask for an invoice for the next period. A day after the payment a business entity is due to submit a traffic license for inspection and an authorization for the person who is PPT renewed for that is activation of service in charge by the legal entity.

8. Why businesses employees who are assigned company vehicles are not entitled to PPT in a residential area (as a resident)?

According to Decision of issuing subscription tickets for using ‘Parking Servis’ general car parks, a business entity or an entrepreneur can be issued up to 3 PPT for vehicles owned by that business entity of entrepreneur. Only one PPT can be issued to a vehicle owned by an employee who works for the business entity. In case when a PPT is issued to a vehicle owned by an employee the same vehicle can not be entitled to any other PPT at some other criteria.

Please note that the residents and business entities are entitled to PPT only on condition that they are the vehicle owners which is proved by a traffic license. An employee who is assigned a company vehicle (by a business entity or entrepreneur) cannot exercise the right to a PPT (as a resident) owing to the fact that he is not the vehicle owner.

9. What are the possible reasons for issuing a ticket in case when a customer still has sent an SMS to pay for the parking?

The most common cases are:

  1. an SMS has been sent but with the wrong register plate number of the vehicle,
  2. an SMS has been sent to a wrong SMS centre (number),
  3. an SMS has been sent for a wrong zone

Apart from that a great number of customers do not read the reply they get back, because except an affirmative reply they can get one of the following:

We are sorry, this service is currently disabled, can you please pay in some other way Your request is currently being processed, please try later Due to a time limit this service is not available, try later

In case when an SMS has been sent after the ticket has already been issued, the owner will be informed in an automated reply message.

10. Why do parking attendants not issue tickets to illegally parked cars out of public car parks?

According to the City’s parking regulations, ‘Parking Servis’ carries out control and collection of payment on public car parks which are determined by the City of Belgrade Transportation Department. In case that a vehicle on a public car park is parked contrary to the parking ordinances, parking attendants are obliged to issue a ticket.

Other instances of illegal parking out of the public car parks are the responsibility of traffic police or competent inspection authorities depending on the seriousness of the offence and they are sanctioned by them.

11. Does introducing zones around Clinical medical centre and health centres make sense?

Zone parking system has had the best results just around the institutions which face huge parking demand. By restricting parking, the following has been achieved:

employees of these institutions are prevented from occupying a great number of parking places the higher frequency of vehicles has been made possible which has resulted in many more citizens having better access to these institutions.

Please note a high degree of tolerance in cases when our customers submit appropriate medical documentation which justify their exceeding the time limits around medical centres.

12. Why are traffic signs not different for owners of different privileged parking permits – PPT?

Traffic signs – vertical signalization are the same for all participants in traffic. Zone signs – inform of a time limit i.e. a maximum allowed time to park your car in a particular zone. Any privileged parking permit owner – PPT should be familiar with his rights based on public instructions on how to use a privileged parking permit – PPT.

13. Why parking tickets cannot be bought at all newsstands?

‘Parking Servis’ carries out distribution of parking tickets to all retail outlets interested in their further sale. As these outlets are privately owned we cannot influence their choice of range of goods.

14. Why is it possible to send an SMS and pay for the parking for the car that a parking ticket has already been issued for?

Mobile phone operators do not have information if a vehicle has been issued a ticket and on which location. Additionally, after getting a ticket, the customer can re-park his vehicle which means he has to pay for the parking again.

15. Why is parking control carried out in the streets which do not have clear roadway markings?

Law of safety in traffic in Article 20 Paragraph 2 clearly states that a participant in traffic is required to act according to a traffic sign even when its meaning is different from the roadway markings. Additionally, a number of locations in the city are listed as cultural monuments of importance and roadway markings are not allowed in them.

16. Why do parking attendants not carry out control of parking places for disabled people?

Supervision over the proper use of parking places for disabled people is in exclusive jurisdiction of local public inspectors.

17. Why do parking attendants not inform users that parking is charged for?

Pursuant to the authorization set by the Decision on public car parks, parking attendants are required to carry out parking control and payment collection and users will be given additional information related to payment only if they ask for it. Decision on public car parks sets the user obligation to pay a fee for using a car park. There is a traffic sign at any public car park i.e. the sign of the zone with clear instructions on time limits and methods of payment.

18. On what basis does ‘Parking Servis’ carry out parking control and payment collection on public car parks in both zone and non-zone parts of the city?

‘Parking Servis’ carries out public service of maintaining public car parks i.e. parking control and payment collection on public car parks according to the following regulations:

Decision on public car parks (Official gazette of the City of Belgrade issue 12/2010, 37/2011, 42/2011, 11/2014, 30/2014, 34/2014,  89/2014, 96/2016, 36/2017, 118/2018, 26/2019, 52/2019, 65/2020, 152/2020, 9/2021 and 111/2021) sets the regulations and methods of organizing business related to carrying out public services of maintaining public car parks and conditions of their usage.

Decision on street parking (Official gazette of the City of Belgrade issue 44/2009, 2/2010, 9/2010, 29/2010, 45/2011, 36/2013, 11/2014, 76/2014, 3/2015, 23/2015, 2/2016, 78/2016, 80/2016, 82/2016, 91/2016, 102/2016, 40/2017, 91/2017, 5/2018, 108/2018, 1/2019, 4/2019, 5/2019, 35/2019, 48/2019, 72/2019, 136/2019, 1/2020, 123/2020, 24/2021 and 115/2021) determines public car parks so that they are categorized according to the zone and allowed parking time, defines the criteria for using car parks under privileged conditions, possibility of reserving public car parks and other important issues.

19. What is the legal basis for issuing a parking ticket and what is its legal nature?

The legal basis for issuing a parking ticket can be found in clause of Article 19 of Decision on public car parks (Official gazette of the City of Belgrade issue 12/2010, 37/2011, 42/2011, 11/2014, 30/2014, 34/2014, 89/2014, 96/2016, 36/2017, 118/2018, 26/2019, 52/2019, 65/2020, 152/2020, 9/2021 and 111/2021) according to which if the user does not pay in any of offered ways or exceeds the allowed parking time, the controllers ‘Parking servis’ shall issue an order to pay a daily ticket for this vehicle and leave it in a prominent place. The user is bound to pay the costs within 8 days of issuance. Parking ticket is issued by a parking attendant who hands the ticket in to the user. When the parking attendant is unable to issue the ticket to the driver he puts it on the windshield and issuing is considered done.

The legal nature of a parking ticket is that it represents the price for the public service of parking on public car parks, which is set by public communal enterprise with the approval of mayor of Belgrade.

20. What are the effects of the zone parking system?

  • One parking place is used by 8 users compared to 1 before the introduction of the new system
  • Parking places have become more accessible to a larger number of users,
  • The average searching time has decreased from 25 to 10 minutes
  • Over 1000 hours of unnecessary city drive is ‘saved’ which contributes to reducing the fuel consumption, reducing pollution and noise levels in the city centre
  • The problem of parking of residents has been solved
  • Technical regulations of parking places have been done and pavements have been ‘ returned’ to pedestrians
  • More than 500 parking places for disabled persons’ vehicles have been provided and the world standard of 5% parking places assigned for disabled people has been met
  • Parking management leads to better traffic management in Belgrade